Customized IT Technical Consulting Services

IT Resource Analysis

Sometimes you can find that the tools you are using are just not up to the task. Our technicians have 10-20 years of experience to draw upon to help you understand what problems exist and help you resolve them with a vendor-neutral perspective. We don’t push any particular brands and work within your needs and requirements, not those of hardware or software vendors.

Disaster Recovery

Nothing keeps your business data & systems safe better than a well-thought-out recovery plan and a system of backups & recovery that fits not only your budget but the needs of your business too. Leverage our extensive experience in planning & executing disaster recovery plans that satisfy compliance needs and safeguard data vital to the operation of your company.

Technology Vendor Management

Vendors don’t always have your best interests at heart, and even those that do also have their own bottom line to consider, and sometimes those can conflict. Draw on our 20 years of experience dealing with contractors and technology vendors to help you navigate many of those issues from a vendor-neutral perspective.

Compliance Services

Navigating HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI & NIST and other industry guidelines can be very confusing, and even small businesses need to carefully consider their compliance with different security requirements to stay safe as a business and also avoid local, state & federal non-compliance penalties. We can help you navigate those waters and our direct Security experience can help you to find solutions to fill those gaps.

Computer & Server Systems Troubleshooting

Nearly everyone has computers still in warranty, but sometimes warranty support can be such a headache that you need someone with more insight and experience on your side to get your tough problems solved that your computer vendor’s support just isn’t resolving for you. We can evaluate your tougher problems and help resolve them quickly and guide your warranty support to stay on-task and find a quicker resolution.

Leveraged Accounting System Support

Our accounting services customers get direct access to support for their accounting systems such as QuickBooks at a reduced cost with an in-depth understanding not only of accounting and IT but your business specifically.

If you’re not happy with your bookkeeping, accounting practices, IT services, or provider, maybe it’s time for a change!

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