Benefits of Duker Bookkeeping Remote Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

What if you utilize paper documentation?

One of the benefits of Duker Bookkeeping is that you have many options. If you are in the Boise, Idaho general area, we will arrange personal pickup of your documents. Or, if you are not in the local area, we will work with you to institute a repeatable process that best fits your needs.  We utilize industry-leading secure online file repositories for you at no charge where we can securely work with those documents together.

What about bank deposits?

It all depends on what you need and it varies from company-to-company, but there are many options available:

  • Make your own deposits and send digital copies of the transaction receipts to us to process.
  • We pickup your deposits via established courier services along with all the other paperwork and we make the deposits here.
  • We can also create a local PO box for you in our local area and direct all payments there for us to process for you.
  • We can customize a repeatable process for clients outside of Idaho as well.

What about security and remote access?

We use encrypted remote access tools, secured encrypted storage, regular system & file backups and many other security measures put in place by an IT professional with more than 20 years’ experience.  The way we handle security reflects our integrity and we take the security of your data as seriously as we do our own.  You have complete control over what a remote bookkeeper would have access to in the same way you would an in-house bookkeeper.  We also provide the option of using remotely hosted QuickBooks Desktop which utilizes the same industry-leading host provider that Intuit uses.

What are the savings benefits of Duker Bookkeeping?

Among the major savings benefits of Duker Bookkeeping is the fact that we are a corporation (Duker Inc. dba Duker Bookkeeping), you have no employment tax, benefits or other employee-related expenses for your remote bookkeeper.  Through us, you can save 20% on Intuit products as well.  Using a bookkeeper with extensive knowledge and training means that your work will be accomplished using the most advanced time-saving processes available. Combined with decades of corporate and small business experience, your work gets done within the shortest amount of time possible while being double and triple-checked to ensure the accuracy of your accounts.

Am I contractually obligated for a certain period of time?

We primarily provide at-will financial consulting & bookkeeping services, which means there are no contracts. Our work speaks for itself and there is nothing stopping anyone from leaving us except the exceptional quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. Your bookkeeper will serve you completely at your discretion.  When activity dies down and you’re not that busy, you don’t have to give us busy-work to justify the payroll expense, you simply pay less.

What are the costs of utilizing the benefits of Duker Bookkeeping services?

While there are other payment options available, such as static monthly pricing or quotes for specific projects, unless you specifically request something different, we will offer you a quote for an hourly rate.  You will always know how much we are charging you and you will never find hidden fees or extras anywhere.  Our quoted hourly rate is the entire cost to you, period.

Where is Duker Bookkeeping located?

We are based in Eagle, Idaho and work for local clients throughout the Treasure Valley in addition to offering remote financial management and bookkeeper services to various clients in other states across the nation. One of the best benefits of Duker Bookkeeping is that you simply get a dedicated, ethical bookkeeper with more than 28 years of experience working on your books.  No games, no misdirection.